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has now been rewritten and is

Finally the lock-in of Transact to the HPe3000 and MPE operating system has been removed. Your Transact source and supporting dictionary can now be moved, compiled and run on other platforms and operating systems, virtually unchanged.

For Transact users the time to move has arrived

The original author and developer of the products purchased by HP and sold as Transact and the Rapid products, David Dummer of IMACS Technologies Inc., and ScreenJet Ltd have combined forces to solve the Transact migration problem.

At the heart of TransAction lies a new version of the Transact Function Library authored by Imacs for the 'T2C' (Transact to COBOL) migration suite developed with ScreenJet. This library is now in production use at over 30 former HPe3000 installations


'T2C' converted the procedural Transact source code into COBOL, which utilised a Transact Function Library. TransAction now provides a compiler and runtime that allows the original Transact source code to be moved to other platforms1 and executed.

TransAction is also available for MPE/iX. This means that the conversion from Transact to TransAction can be tested and even implemented on the HPe3000 prior to migration.


To support the definitions provided by Dictionary on the HPe3000, TransAction supports the migration of the Dictionary database to either Eloquence or the database of your choice (with the appropriate Image wrapper). There is also a ScreenJet Dictionary product that provides complete support for your Transact migration.

MPE/iX Environment and Intrinsic Support

Whilst a version of the TransAction library can utilise completely native functions on target platforms, this would require modification of the Transact source code. TransAction provides an OS module that can be integrated with products such as

  • AMXW from Activant
  • Transport from TransForMix
  • Intrins/iX from Allegro
  • MPUX from Ordina
and gives a 'Lift and Shift' solution.


Whilst not restricting other possible options, TransAction can be linked to the EZV VPlus migration product from ScreenJet. This combination provides a straightforward migration solution for your Transact source code and VPlus screens.

Source Code Maintenance

On your target platform you can use the editor or development environment of your choice to maintain the Transact source code.

Pricing and Availability

Regardless of whether you have a couple of dozen Transact programs on a single server that you don't want to rewrite, or you have hundreds or programs on multiple servers, we make TransAction available at a price point that makes migrating Transact the best choice.

1 Whilst initial support is for HP-UX, Linux and MPE/iX, versions for Windows and other platforms can be supplied when required.

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